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About Program

1. Более подробную информацию о программе (на русском языке)

2. Información en español

3. Vous trouverez plus d’informations en français

What do motivate us to create this program?

Distance learning is one of the new opportunities to study anywhere in the world by saving costs for travel and residence in another country or place, as well as time saving of the training in a classroom.

What do we aim?

The knowledge that will be acquired are related not only to basic management knowledge in tourism for the destinations and manufacturers of the tourist product – the tour operators.

We aim to establish new trends in the industry through marketing and marketing intelligence and to give a new direction for the tourism destinations management and for organizing tourism trips.

Through management consulting, extremely popular in the US, will give a new perspective for the organization of tourism business through implementing environmental standards, focusing on the entertainment side of the industry and events, the modern consumer requirements for luxury and design.

The different that you will learn

  • Сonsulting of the travel business
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Event Management
  • Aesthetics in tourism
  • Luxury Tourism


Classes are offered on line through the platform VUZF. All the learning materials and books for the relevant disciplines will be used electronically by the students. The case studies will be downloaded at the platform. The exam tests will be conducted on line. Consultation with the lecturers will also be carried out electronically.

The duration of the course is two semesters for graduates obtaining a degree “Bachelor” – Economy and Tourism, and three semesters for those completed non-economic and other specialties.


The successful graduated masters obtain:

  • A master degree diploma issued by VUZF – an university ranked in the top four of the most highly rated schools in the field “Economy” according to the rating system for the universities in Bulgaria of the Ministry of Education.